“Fortem Navem” – The Strong Ship

Our mission at Aries Marine Corporation is to provide clean, safe and reliable marine services – always.  To do so, we adhere to our four core values, QUALITY, SAFETY, TEAMWORK, and INTEGRITY.  With these four core values guiding us in all that we do, we commit to upholding the highest standards in operations and why we say, “We are the strong ship.”


From our dedicated personnel to our highly maintained fleet of modern offshore vessels, we aspire for excellence.  Our people are our greatest asset; we use selective methods to hire and retain, which equates to consistent performers who share common goals.  Personal responsibility and accountability are incentivized by continuing education, pathways for careers, and consistent management.  Without highly functioning vessels, though, our crews, contractors, and customers will be compromised.  This is why we invest heavily in new technologies and maintain our marine assets to the greatest degree.


The term “Safety” for Aries Marine includes three critical components:

1)      Security from personal risk or injury

2)      Avoidance of damage to property

3)      Environmental care and stewardship

With our mature Safety Management System (SMS) and our strong safety culture, we dedicate ourselves to “Incident Free Operations.”  We pledge our ongoing commitment and continuously monitor, record, analyze and correct actions that are not consistent with our core value of safety.  In order to ensure we continue to evolve and improve, education of our personnel along with annual internal and external audits are utilized.


Upper Management of Aries Marine believes that everyone employed by the Company has value and contributes greatly to our success.  A collaborative culture steers our success, is welcomed, invited and further ensured by our “Open Door” policies.  We stress the importance of communication within our organization, and with our contractors and customers.  We regularly meet with our crews in formal meetings at our Operations Office, conduct unscheduled meetings aboard vessels and encourage all members to be respectful and efficient.  In the spirit of cooperation, our crews will dedicate themselves to providing outstanding service.


We steadfastly adhere to the highest ethical code.  We are honest with our customers when communicating to them operational abilities and limitations.  Our pricing and commercial activities are straightforward and without cover-up or deceit.  When an Aries Marine vessel is chartered, our promise is to deliver a strong, staunch and seaworthy vessel, ready with a willing and able crew to effectively carry out the safe and legal activities of our customers.

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We have established a top reputation due to all Aries operations being conducted by experienced, safety minded personnel.

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