Our Supply Boat Fleet consists of DP Vessels in the 220′ – 230′ Class.

Aries Marine’s versatile fleet of platform Supply Vessels service both Gulf of Mexico shelf operations, deepwater drilling projects, as well as industrial, defense and Offshore Wind needs. Designed to transport cargoes necessary for drilling and production operations, Aries Marine’s vessels utilize below deck space for liquid and dry bulk cargo while the open deck area is available for pipe and miscellaneous tools and supplies. All vessels are able to be converted for bespoke purposes outside of oil and gas.

Vessels equipped with Dynamic Positioning, Z-Drive thrusters allow for better station keeping necessary for safer offshore offloading operations. Aries Marine has the flexibility and capability of modifying any of its vessels to suit specific projects. Since its inception in 1981, Aries Marine has worked in the Gulf of Mexico, West Coast, Hawaii and Alaska for all of the major and most of the independent oil companies, including the Military Sealift Command and the U.S. Navy.

Aries Marine conducts its operations with experienced, licensed personnel with safety and customer service their highest priority.

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Size Vessel Deck Space Dead WeightLiquid Mud Water CapacityBulk Capacity Fuel Capacity Special Features
220'JB FOSTER 140’ X 33’1,461 LT2,224 BBLS120,000 GAL8,000 C.F.83,600 GALDPS CLASS 1 Z-DRIVES
220'ML GROVE 140’ X 33’1,461 LT2,224 BBLS120,000 GAL8,000 C.F.83,600 GALDPS CLASS 1 Z-DRIVES
230'ABIGAIL CLAIRE138' x 42' 2,9236,000 BBLS175,000 GAL6,000 C.F. 160,000 GALDPS CLASS 2 Z-DRIVES
230'KYLIE WILLIAMS 138' X 42'2,939 6,000 BBLS175,000 GAL6,000 C.F.160,000 GALDPS CLASS 2 Z-DRIVES
139.5 m
457.56 ft
110 m X 29 m
3,190 m2
12,450.0 mtNone1,247.3 m3 NoneHeavy Fuel
1,777.6 m3
Marine Diesel
495.4 m3

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We have established a top reputation due to all Aries operations being conducted by experienced, safety minded personnel.

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